[AllergyPossible.com] Cookie Icing! [RECIPE]

If you’re like my family and I, when given the option of adding icing onto sugar cookies the answer is a resounding, “YES!” While this recipe is super easy to make, it can be very messy – especially if you plan on using food coloring. Always protect the surface that you’re working on. (I typicallyContinue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Cookie Icing! [RECIPE]”

[AllergyPossible.com] Amazing Vegan Sugar Cookies! [RECIPE]

My girls (and I) are always looking for a reason to bake these soft, sweet and yummy cookies! “What and when is the next holiday?”…”Is anyone’s birthday coming up?”…”Happy National [anything] day!” Any excuse is worthy of pulling together a batch of these cookies! ***As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Allergy Possible!™Continue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Amazing Vegan Sugar Cookies! [RECIPE]”

[AllergyPossible.com] Creamy Dreamy Vegan Whipped Cream! [RECIPE]

When I learned that aquafaba (the liquid from a can of garbanzo beans), could be whipped, I had to explore all of its capabilities. That said, one of my favorite transformations of aquafaba is into whipped cream! Yes, that’s right…the first time you try making it you will likely feel as though you are aContinue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Creamy Dreamy Vegan Whipped Cream! [RECIPE]”

[AllergyPossible.com] Explore Delicious Vegan Cole Slaw! [RECIPE]

What What is fish and chips without cole slaw? Definitely less exciting in my book. It’s like a puzzle with a missing piece. How about a mashed potatoes and chicken dinner night, without slaw? That’s just plain wrong. Indulge with this cole slaw recipe that can be adjust to your own liking. It can beContinue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Explore Delicious Vegan Cole Slaw! [RECIPE]”

[AllergyPossible.com] Creamy Dreamy Vegan Mayo! [RECIPE]

A sandwich is not a sandwich without mayo. A pasta salad is not a pasta salad without mayo. Potato salad is just boiled potatoes without mayo, summer isn’t summer without mayo… You get the picture, right?! Mayonnaise was always such a treat for me my whole life. It was like the icing on everything (otherContinue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Creamy Dreamy Vegan Mayo! [RECIPE]”

[AllergyPossible.com] Carrot Cake for Goodness Sake! [RECIPE]

Carrot cake is a family favorite of ours in my home. It’s the cake that my husband and I shared on our wedding day. So, it was initially a somber day when I had to begin following dietary restrictions due to health issues. I could relate to my daughter’s dismay about imagining life without aContinue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Carrot Cake for Goodness Sake! [RECIPE]”

[AllergyPossible.com] Chicken Tender Splendor! [RECIPE]

Whenever I yearn to give in to my inner child, the food of choice is chicken tenders. The aroma of it baking in the oven makes me and my girls want to do cartwheels at the delight of what we’re about to devour! Crispy, crunchy, yummy, juicy are all appropriate adjectives here. Did I mentionContinue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Chicken Tender Splendor! [RECIPE]”

[AllergyPossible.com] Perfect Party Pizza is an Absolute Must! [RECIPE]

Every time my daughter would come home from school with a birthday party invitation, a bittersweet sensation would sweep over me. While I was thrilled that my daughter was being included (by being invited to the party), there was always this split, somber side to the invite. It served as a reminder that my daughterContinue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Perfect Party Pizza is an Absolute Must! [RECIPE]”

[AllergyPossible.com] Best Birthday Cake, Ever! [RECIPE]

I make this recipe for birthdays so that my daughter can have a delicious cake to look forward to enjoying at celebrations. I even pack a cupcake or slice of the cake so that she can bring it with her to friend’s birthday parties. I don’t ever want her to feel left out when it’sContinue reading “[AllergyPossible.com] Best Birthday Cake, Ever! [RECIPE]”